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The name, CORNERSTONE refers to an important fitment in any foundation laid on which the entire structure is built. In the same sense every individual  has Talent (s) if rightly identified becomes a cornerstone in an organization.

Cornerstone Talent Services, a growing leader in providing in workforce solutions, serving clients and job seekers for Search, selection and Staffing solutions in key industries.

As the demand for technical & professional employees continues to grow in numerous industries all around in India & the world, Cornerstone Talent Services continues to answer the call.

We deliver meaningful results for businesses, guided by and suited to your unique goals and ambitions. Our team of experienced specialists adopts a collaborative approach to deliver quality solutions that exceed your needs – and we do so at pace.

Temporary Staffing:

Employers understand that temporary staffing provides them the flexibility to reconcile with the changing demands of the business. It can also be adapted to the seasonal nature of business and countering business uncertainties. We were among the first to realize and maximize the benefits of hiring staff on a temporary basis. With companies across the globe, laying critical emphasis on their human resource management, temporary staffing is a fast catching up trend.


Specialized Staffing:

Different verticals and sectors require different strategies to attract the right talent. Growth supported by megatrends: skills imbalances, demographics, the gig economy have driven different verticals to adopt different strategies. In a fast-paced professional landscape. Our Professional Staffing business caters to high-end skill fulfilment across mainstream and niche technologies to meet our client’s temporary staffing needs. We target specific verticals introducing - experts in the industry and domain specific hiring.


Permanent Staffing:

We know the competition for the best talent is fierce. Although every company is unique, they all need the same thing: committed, productive, and valuable employees. We monitor the trends, such as workforce mobility, skills in demand, and ensure we have the most current systems in place to allow us to source and match the right people for the right roles.



 Service that manages the entire, or parts of the recruitment processes for an organization. We can take charge of entire recruitment components or just parts of your value chain. In return, you can expect best-in-class delivery with continuous optimization and solutions that work. We depute our account manager in your place   offering  sourcing, screening, assessment administration, interview coordination, selection, offer administration & on-boarding

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